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18th January 2018 

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person and depends on lots of things such as what you want from treatment, how long you have had particular symptoms, what the causes are, and what your health is like generally.

People sometimes feel much better after one treatment, and if this happens we could discuss whether or not a follow up treatment would be supportive for you.

Typically, people might need a series of two or three treatments at weekly or fortnightly intervals, or occasionally it might be helpful to have a couple of treatments in a week

In my experience it is unusual for someone not to experience improvement within 2-3 sessions. If you weren't improving, then we would look at what might be interfering with your healing, and review your options.

It can sometimes be helpful to have a regular treatment every few weeks or months to support your body. We would discuss if this might be helpful for you and review your needs ongoingly.

What happens at the first session

At our first meeting I will ask about your history - including your medical history & any current symptoms you may have - to help see what is the best treatment approach for you now. I may also ask you to carry out simple movements, and do other tests to help get a sense of what is going on.
This first session usually includes treament. Very occasionally further tests may be necessary before treament can start. Very rarely it may be the case that osteopathic treatment is not suitable.

How do I prepare for the first session?

If you do have any medical reports it may be helpful to bring these to the first session, but dont worry if you dont have them available.

Will I need to undress for treatment?

It may be helpful to wear or bring loose clothing to wear during treatment. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to uncover relevant parts of your body to be examined, or for example to facilitate treatment with oil. However, this can usually be avoided if you are uncomfortable about it, and should the need arise you may arrange for a chaperone to be present. During treatment, most of your body will normally be covered by a towel.

Does treatment hurt?

Treatment might sometimes involve working on or near areas that are tender, but I work with sensitivity and treatment is not normally painful. I am always guided by your wishes and response to treatment.

Will I get a bad reaction to treatment?

Sometimes people might feel a little sore after treatment, as after exercise, but usually this is shortlived and fades to leave you feeling more relaxed and comfortable.

Private health insurance

I am registered with most health insurers. You may be able to recover the cost of your treatment from your insurer. Please check with them beforehand for details.

The normal procedure is that you pay the treatment fee at the time of appointment, by cash or cheque. I then give you a receipt and you can claim the cost from your insurer.

To book or for more information call me on:
07941 531 737
or email me (email is for non urgent enquiries only)


Mindfulness and evidence based research
Mindfulness courses at The North London Buddhist Centre

Rick Hanson - Mindfulness in Action - Resources for Happiness Love and Wisdom

Click on the links below for information about electro magnetic fields and effects on health.

Powerwatch Powerwatch is a small non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK EMF and Microwave Radiation health debate. Powerwatch works with other like-minded groups and with decision-makers in government and business, promoting policies for a safer environment. Powerwatch has been researching EMF effects on health for over 20 years, and provides information to help people understand these complex issues. More information from EMF scientists about health issues related to cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in neighbourhoods and
Two more useful sites with more information and practical ways of minimising the effects of electro-magnetic fields in every day life

Burgs 'Energy Fields and Modern Technology -- Part 2 - YouTube ... Burgs, a meditation teacher, demonstrates the effects of EMF's on chakras

Traumeel anti inflammatory ointment and gel

Traumeel - Click the link to read more about 'Traumeel' from the US National Library Medicine, National Institutes of Health
Traumeel is an emerging option to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the management of acute musculoskeletal injuries. Traumeel has shown comparable effectiveness to NSAIDs in terms of reducing symptoms of inflammation, accelerating recovery, and improving mobility, with a favorable safety profile.
Traumeel is available from
Helios homeopathic pharmacy
Revital, Belsize Park

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