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15th September 2019 

Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy, North London;

Effective, gentle and safe treatment from local osteopath in Islington and Camden. Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy can help relieve pain, ease discomfort; support your health and well being. I have been in practice as an osteopath in Islington and Camden North London communities for over 20 years. I work with sensitivity, using a blend of both traditional and cranial osteopathic approaches, depending on what you need.

Osteopath in Islington and Camden, clinic locations :

For information & bookings call:
07941 531 737

or click:
Bodymind, N7 8JG
West Hill House, N6 6QS
You are welcome to call me with any questions you have.
Email is for non urgent enquiries only please.

Osteopathy in North London
Mindfulness based approach

Osteopath Fees Islington and Camden

First session: £70 up to 60-75 minutes
Follow ups: £65 up to 60 minutes; or £55 up to 45 minutes

In my experience, to get the most out of a treatment, it is important to allow enough time to find out what is affecting your health, as well as to allow your body to deeply relax and feel comfortable. These factors are reflected in the length of session I offer.

When can osteopathy be helpful:

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Osteopathy is often effective in relieving both acute, as well as more chronic pain. For example, it can be helpful in relieving joint pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. That said, you don't have to be in pain to benefit from treatment. People often report feeling more relaxed after a session. This can be particularly helpful in those many conditions that are, obviously or not, stress related.

How I work osteopathically

I aim to support your health by focussing on those areas of your body that need attention, as well as helping you identify any areas of your life that may be out of balance and contributing to your symptoms, eg lifestyle, outlook, activities. I use different approaches, depending on what you need. Examination is often carried out simultaneously to treatment, both at the first and at any future sessions. As well as examining painful areas, often this will involve examining and moving other parts of your body. A session can typically include gentle rocking movements of your neck, spine, arms and legs, and gentle holding approaches - all to help your body relax, release tension, and free up restricted joints and tight muscles.
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What happens at the first treatment

At our first meeting I will ask you about yourself, any symptoms you may have and any relevant medical history. Part of the treatment is aimed at bringing awareness, or mindfulness, to any elements in your life which may be affecting your well being.  I may also ask you to do simple movements, and carry out other tests, to get more of a sense about what is going on. This first session usually includes treatment and may last up to 60 minutes, occasionally 75 minutes.

More about osteopathy

Osteopathy and private health insurance

I am registered with most health insurers. You may be able to recover some or all of the cost of your osteopathic treatment from your insurer.
Please check with them for full details before you come for treatment.

'Release all perceptions of life that require tension to sustain them'

For information and bookings call:
07941 531 737

or click:
Bodymind, N7 8JG

West Hill House, N6 6QS
You are welcome to call me with any questions you have.
Email is for non urgent enquiries only please.
Osteopath Islington and Camden

The North London osteopathy clinics are within easy reach of Holloway, Highbury, Islington, Tufnell Park, Camden, Gospel Oak & Kentish Town - N1, N6, N7, N19, NW1, NW5

Sue Step
Osteopathy in North London,
Registered with The General Osteopathic Council,
Member of the Institute of Osteopathy.
Cranial and Structural, Mindfulness based approach, North London.
Osteopath in Islington & Camden areas

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