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20th June 2018 

How I work osteopathically

I aim to support your health by focussing on those areas of your body that need attention, as well as helping you identify the areas of your life that may be out of balance and contributing to your symptoms, eg lifestyle, outlook, actvities.

In my experience, to get the most out of a treatment, it is important to allow enough time to both get a real sense of what is affecting your health, and to allow your body to deeply relax and feel comfortable. These factors are reflected in the one hour long session:
*Initial treatment: up to 60 minutes(occasionally 75)
*Follow up treatments: up to 60 minutes

The first session

At our first meeting I will ask you about yourself - including relevant medical history, & any current symptoms you may have.  An awareness of background issues that may be affecting your overall well being helps find what is the best course of treatment for you. I may also ask you to do simple movements, and carry out other tests, to get more of a sense about what is going on.  This first session usually includes treatment.

How a typical treatment may look

In an osteopathic treatment, I use a blend of many different approaches, depending on what you need at that time. For example:
soft tissue work - similar to massage. Improves lymphatic drainage, circulation, and also enhances relaxation
deep tissue work - as the name suggests, deeper work on the muscles and connective tissues
rhythmical movement and rocking techniques, - improving mobility and drainage from injured and congested areas, helping stiff joints unwind, reducing congestion and pain. Often experienced as deeply relaxing.
cranial work and gentle holding , focussing on different areas of the body (not just the head), tuning into the subtle movements in the body and energy, letting your body tissues unwind at their own pace

If you've had an injury
Osteopathic neuromuscular rehabilitation treatment after minor injury can give you pain relief and recovery, helping you to return to your daily activities.
By looking at any factors that may have contributed to problems in the first place we can help prevent trouble in the future.

About myself

I became involved meditation, bodywork, and chinese exercise many years ago, wanting to deepen my understanding and experience of health, well-being, and the body. As part of this movement, I went on to train as a soft tissue therapist and then as an osteopath, qualifying at The College of Osteopaths in 1998.

I have worked extensively, individually and in group, with Hilmar Schonauer whose work is based on the energetic, meditative and focussing approaches of Bob Moore. I aim to bring this 'mindful' approach to the osteopathic treatment. I continue to explore Buddhist and Taoist approaches and in recent years I have returned to the tai chi and chi k'un practices which I first began over 30 years ago. These are some of the influences that inform my osteopathic practice.

The body and mind are deeply interwoven, and I find that osteopathy is one way of working with this connection. The act of being present with and ‘witnessing’ another can in itself support our innate capacity to rebalance.

Ongoing learning

I take part in ongoing reflective practice, study and exploration with other osteopaths. This has included study with Professor Eyal Lederman, and participation the 'Osteomap' programme - (osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance programme for persistent pain) - which involves exploring ways of working with, and integrating meditative and mindfulness based approaches into osteopathic practice. Osteomap and mindfulness principles are very helpful for those experiencing acute pain as well as those with more persistent pain.

Appointments or more information please call:
07941 531 737
Islington N7 8JG details
Camden N66QS details,
Please give minimum 24 hours notice (48 hours for Monday appointments) of change or cancellation of appointment, or the full fee will normally be charged

'There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path'
Gautama Buddha

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Sue Step Registered Osteopath
Registered with The General Osteopathic Council,
Member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Cranial and Structural, Mindfulness based approach, North London Islington & Camden areas